Two non-profits, one borough and a short time frame for Pine Beach to reach an agreement to build affordable housing units. Tonight's special council meeting is the next step towards shovels in the ground.

The controversial COAH rules mandate a certain amount of affordable housing units need to be built in a given municipality.

For Pine Beach, it's six, and it'll be in the B1-zone.

"It's on Washington Avenue which is situated by the Dunkin' Donuts and car wash in Pine Beach and across the street from the Pine Beach Elementary School and the soccer field that's right there," Mayor Lawrence Cuneo said.

He adds that both Ocean Inc. and Homes for All will make their pitch to the borough tonight to decide who will build them, with the clock ticking.

"We're under time constraints to enter into a development agreement and for them to start the building of it," Cuneo said.

The deadline, he adds, is set for December 31 of this year.

"We're going to have two good non-profit agencies coming in who have been in business for 30-plus years each and who have great reputations and want to come into Pine Beach and help build affordable housing," Cuneo said.

He says they'd have to meet all the qualifications or else go for variances.

Coming to terms with Ocean Inc. or Homes for All, Cuneo says it's just another step.

"They'd still have to go before the land use board to get all their approvals and so on," Cuneo said.

Ocean Inc. will present at 6 pm, while Homes for All shares their plans at 8 pm at the municipal building at 599 Pennsylvania Avenue.

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