A recent trip to Walmart with my fiance's son because he loves Walmart, who doesn't? It got me thinking how cute some of the workers are there and when you have someone who is cheery and friendly at the cash register...it really makes the shopping there a great experience!

We were at the Walmart in Lanoka Harbor and he was very patient with my fiance's Autistic son and the happiest, nicest cashier I've met in a while.  I will go through Curtis's line every time I'm in Walmart...even if I have to wait!  "Thank you Curtis" for the laughs, the smile and the "have a great night"!  It really is a pleasure when there is a pleasant cashier!

Let's give a shout-put to the wonderful cashiers in Ocean County!  Do you know a pleasant one or where they work?  Give them a Shout-Out today!



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