If you have a sandy damaged home in a flood zone, should you elevate and rebuild or sell it? Experts help you find out what's best for you in a workshop Saturday.

The 'House Raising Conference' hosted by Stop FEMA Now brings together experts including builders, house raisers and engineers.

If you have a substantially damaged home and you're not sure what to do, Stop FEMA Now founder George Kasimos says they'll lay out the options.

"Instead of just walking away from the property you should definitely try and find every solution, to 'A' see what your house is worth, 'B' is it worth raising? and 'C' is there a creative way to finance it to get you over the hump?," Kasimos said.

Kasimos says there's no one size fits all solution the panel of experts can give at the event on whether to sell the home, keep it or knock it down and rebuild.

"If you have a home and you haven't done anything yet after five-years, it might be cost effective to just knock it down and build something right on top instead of just raising it and rebuilding it," Kasimos said.

He says there's a number of variables factoring into what a homeowner should or shouldn't do.

If you have a substantially damaged home following super-storm Sandy you're required to raise your house.

Kasimos says with eleven months remaining until the deadline, they're holding a workshop tomorrow to help you in the process.

"Whatever it is to get you over the hump, we'll give you all the ideas," Kasimos said. "Some people might just say, 'you know what, I can't afford it...how do I sell it? what is the best way to maximize the sale of the property?' and that may be the decision for some people."

Super-storm Sandy home repairs, flood insurance, FEMA and the RREM program can give you headaches and cost you money.

The House Raising Conference sifts out the problems and gives you answers on whether to elevate or sell your damaged home.

"If you haven't rebuilt or raise your home by now, you need help and we're here," Kasimos said. "This is the final push to get everyone over the hump."

Here are some of the questions and topics being addressed tomorrow:


  • Substantially Damaged Deadline Approaching?
    (The deadline to raise your SD home is months away)
  • Can I Finance my House Lift?
    (Yes, there are several ways to finance your lift)
  • RREM deadline approaching?
    (Don’t lose the grant money, let us answer your questions to get you started)
  • Flood Insurance Premiums rising?
    (Older homes will see increases up to 25% compounded yearly. A raised home pays hundreds in flood insurance premiums, not thousands!)
  • Stuck raising your home, Fraud or RREM issues?
    (We have RREM experts to answer your questions concerning how your fraudulent contractor will impact your grant and will it cost you additional funding.)
  • Buying/Selling a Substantially Damaged home?
    (Know what the value is of SD home, before you sell it. If you are buying, is it worth raising a particular house? Each home has a different scenario. We suggest realtors who work in flood zones attend, so they can explain this to their clients, become the expert in SD homes).
  • House raising experts will be available to answer all your questions.
    (They will be available to help you with all phases of Raising your home, financing, engineering, cost, New vs. House Raise, RREM, clawbacks, etc.)

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