It is a hotly contested issue that has made the rounds in years past and fired up some students and parents. I can tell you that as a person that has only been out of high school for three years, I would hate the idea of going to school on a Saturday. I mean, it IS the weekend, right?

There have been cases of school districts across the country slashing a day from the five-day schedule and changing requirements to have school only four days a week while increasing the school day's duration to offset the loss of that one day.

Recently, Central Regional School District sent their students to school on a Saturday because of a situation where the school did not want to move the graduation date so late in the year. Students ended up going to school like any other normal half day on Saturday, June 9 because of a power outage that forced the closure of both Central Regional High and Middle School.

According to a study done by Pew, student scores in the United States lag that of other industrialized nations. The United States currently ranks 38th in mathematics and 24th in science.

The big question would be how school districts would fun this kind of operation. We are already having issues funding schools in New Jersey, but how would they fair students where occupying the school an additional day of the week?

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