EAST HANOVER — While two women attempted to shoplift from a local store their children were left in a sweltering hot car, according to police.

Police confirmed the arrests of Arlena T. Keye, 27, from Easton, Pennsylvania, and Shaday H. Williams, 27, of Newark, outside of the Marshalls on Saturday. Responding officers found four children who ranged in age from 11 months old to 7 years old in the car.

The windows of the car were "slightly down," police confirmed. The children had been sitting in the car that way for about an hour and a half in 90-degree heat, according to police. The children were found to be in good health and released to relatives.

The women were charged with shoplifting and cruelty and neglect of their children. The Daily Record reported that Keye is the mother of three of the children and that Williams is the mother of the fourth.

They were caught trying to steal more than $900 worth of items, according to the paper.

Police were alerted that the children were in the car by a store security officer, according to the Daily Record. The Division of Child Protection and Permanency was contacted and is investigating the incident, according to police.

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