This is brilliant.

I had no idea some retail stores were doing this. Most retail stores except pharmacies and grocery stores or stores with groceries have been closed for quite a while now, not making any money or limited to on-line only because of Covid-19.

This past weekend, I couldn't believe it Five Below was open but in a totally different way than I would have ever expected. Other than online shopping, did you know some Ocean County retail stores are doing this?

My husband came home and told me he wanted a game, but couldn't buy it because they're only taking credit/debit cards and no cash at Five Below. The game he wanted 👇👇 was Pizza Monopoly: (It's fun by the way.)

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

I said, "they're not open.". He said, "yes they are." It's true, but it's a little different. There are tables at the front door blocking the entrance, and the workers at Five Below get what you want. There are several displays outside the store that you can grab. If it's in the store and you're looking for something, they will get it for you. It's a safe way for the employees and customers.


This is a brilliant way to make money and keep employees working. It was some type of normal this weekend for me and it felt good, maybe different, but slowly and surely we will be back in Ocean County. Click here to see if your local Five Below is re-opened in the social distancing era.

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