Send a Valentine to someone that needs a smile this Valentine's Day.

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Tallwoods Care Center in Bayville is asking everyone to send a Valentine card to the residents at Tallwoods. Greetings and love can be actual cards and handmade Valentine cards.

It would be great for an organization, class room, church group, or just a family. It can be as creative as you need and there is no limit to Valentine cards, according to the

Can you even imagine the big smiles from the residents. Especially in these times, these residents can't see their family now because of Covid-19. I would imagine a giant red heart that says, "I love you" will make them smile.

I had family members in care centers and they were so lonely. We couldn't visit all the time and we would always feel so sad to leave them. It was the best place for my aunt and nana, but my heart still broke. I know how special these cards are. When I would visit them they would tell me if they received a card or something special happened to them. It helps their day goes so much faster. And it doesn't matter how many cards they receive, everyone of them makes them smile and important.

Click here for a couple of printable greeting card ideas that can be printed out.

Click here for a couple of Valentine's Day card ideas.

Send your Valentine's Day Cards to:

Tallwoods Care Center

Activities Department

18 Butler Blvd.

Bayville, NJ 08721

Send some love and make Valentine's Day special for someone.

Sue Moll
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