Here in Ocean County, we have some prime beachfront property. And, for the right price, you could own the most expensive home currently for sale in Ocean County.

Ladies and gentlemen - I present "The White House" (if you're going to have an impressive house, it has to have a name, of course).

It'll set you back about $10.5 million. For that price, you get a prime piece of beachfront property in the Loveladies section of LBI.

With a monthly mortgage of more than a lot of people make in a year (almost $40,000), you get 8 beds and 7 baths, and a comfortable 8,000 square feet.

You also get a house that was built in 1987, and definitely looks like something out of the Miami Vice era.

So enough set up! Let's take a look at "The White House"!

Impressed? Well, we shouldn't get too proud of ourselves just yet. It's just a beach shack compared to the most expensive house in Monmouth County!

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