There was so much talk about schools re-opening in September, in a report put out yesterday.

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Mom's and Dad's I want your opinion? Will you feel comfortable sending your children back to school on buses? How do you feel about half day school? It will definitely be a different school year, next school year.

Will there still be virtual classes, could be?

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***Things I've heard***

No recess, no lunch?

Half day school?

I can tell you, I have a 14 year old and she's not happy about wearing a mask. She realizes if it's the rules, she will. But, I can't imagine, I just can't as a Mom. But, let's all stay healthy and positive, especially for our kids. She will be in 9th Grade, and her first time in the "big" High School. While reading this report, I was sad, although they are trying their hardest to make it work out for everyone, transportation, teachers, students, and parents.

CLICK HERE to read the full report from New Jersey School Boards Association (NJSBA).

The report recommends several strategies for local school district and state government:

  • Providing school districts with accurate financial data reflecting the impact of the pandemic on New Jersey’s economy, state aid to education and school budgets.
  • Engaging in early, sustained communication with parents, students and staff about safety.
  • Revising plans to ensure a smooth transition to full online instruction if schools are closed again.
  • A “menu of options” in any statewide plan for the reopening of schools so that districts can select the best strategies for their communities.
  • Providing an adequate pool of educators by enabling teacher candidates to complete training, such as classroom observations.
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