In this day and age more people are meeting online. Everything from business to dating is done on the Internet these days, and isn't out of the ordinary at all here in 2017.

But along with new ways to buy & sell goods and meet potential dates, comes the danger that goes with getting together with people you don't really know.

As a result, a number of shore towns have set up safe places for people to meet in person.

Back in the spring Brick set up a Safe Exchange Zone, a free of charge area at the municipal complex that is both well lit and under 24-hour video surveillance.

Now, Brielle is getting in on the trend and has set up a similar program at their police complex with a MeetUp Spot.

Here's the full announcement from the Brielle Police:

The trend is a great way to not only find common ground to link up with potential business partners, romantic interests, and new friends, but to do it safely and locally as well.


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