Masks On. Man, I want to go to school at Russell O Brackman Middle School in Barnegat. 

Remember back in April when schools were sending out video messages for their students. Russell O Brackman Middle School's "RAP" was the coolest, click here to check it out - maybe you'll remember it.

Russell O Brackman Middle School does it again, welcoming students back, check this out:

The Bulldogs are looking so cool, even with their masks. The school's Principal, Mrs. Shannon Smith and the Music Teacher Mr. Erich Wald put this together. Check out the teachers dancing. It is just the coolest thing.

The Russell O Brackman Middle School is a part of the Barnegat Township School District. Just like several schools in Ocean County, they are on a hybrid school schedule. Like my daughter's school they will go to school a couple days a week with virtual school. This means there will be in school learning and at home for several days a week.

Like all schools the Governor has specified cleaning class rooms, check out these cleaning rules: 

Perform heightened cleaning procedure with proper sanitizing solution.

Empty trash cans, recycle as required, clean interior-exterior of cans, and reline. 

Perform high dusting with correct feather dusters, work down from the ceiling. 

Clean, disinfect key touch points (i.e., whiteboard, desks, chairs, ledges, door handles) etc.). 

Clean, disinfect sinks/toilets with correct products. 

Clean, dust, wipe down all vertical and horizontal surfaces with correct products, clean pencil sharpeners. 

Clean glass. 

Clean, vacuum all carpets. 

Vacuum, mop, sanitize floors. 

Check, clean, refill all soap, paper, hand sanitizer dispensers. 

Spray down everything in the room using Botanical Disinfectant Solution and (Purell) Cleaning Solution. 

Sue Moll
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