Was the X-Factor's $10 million offer not enough for Britney? Click "Read More" for the latest update!

Ever since The Great X-Factor Purge of 2012, a lot of names have been passed through the rumor mill for possible candidates to fill Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger's empty seats. If reports are to believed, at least one of those seats has been filled.

Our friends over at PopCrush are reporting that Britney Spears has agreed to join the show for a cozy $10 million. Keeping in mind that there are two positions to fill, the folks over at X17 are also throwing LeAnn Rimes' name into the mix (no specifics on money for that one aside from a "multi-million dollar gig").

UPDATE March 11 & 12: Now, our PopCrush pals are reporting that Britney has rejected The X-Factor's $10 million offer. Rumor has it that Brit wanted something closer to $20 million. Lots more info at the link.

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