You read this headline and most likely said to yourself, "another pizza joint?"

I'm learning that a well-liked pizzeria is gearing up to open its first location in Ocean County.

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First, let me just say you have to give anyone opening a new pizzeria at the Shore a ton of credit.

Let's talk about sheer volume first. There are pizzerias just about every mile up and down Monmouth and Ocean counties.

I don't think anyone is complaining, either.

It's just a Jersey way of life. Where there's a strip mall, there's almost always a nail salon and a pizza place.

Not only are there hundreds of places to grab a slice, but most of them are also above average to phenomenal.

Most of us have a local pizzeria that is "our place." Good luck if you're ever caught seeing one of the chains delivering to your door.

So why would anyone want to compete in this jam-packed environment? It's simple.

They think their pizza is superior.

Destination, Brick, NJ. There used to be a Mongolian BBQ restaurant in Brick Commons.

That is where Round Pie Pizza Company is rumored to be opening this summer.

Round Pie is not a chain. They have locations in Staten Island, Old Bridge, and Matawan.

They also have a really large following and lots of fans.

Round Pie started in Staten Island and is a family-owned and operated pizzeria.

Social media reaction has been positive with one user saying that Brick "needed a good Staten Island pizza place."

If you're a SI transplant, get ready for a little taste of home.

Good luck to the owners and family on Round Pie in Brick. I can't wait to taste what you've got!

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