New Jersey is, by far, the state most likely to lose residents in 2022, according to survey results released by the technology company moveBuddha.

Of the New Jersey residents surveyed for the 2022 Moving Predictions report, 42% said they were already planning to leave the Garden State for good this year. Another 18% said they're considering the move.

"That's significantly higher than any other state," spokesperson Kristen Klepac told New Jersey 101.5.

It's unlikely that more than 40% of the state's residents will flee in 2022, but moveBuddha did survey at least 100 people in New Jersey for the report. And the findings align with the company's recent analyses of inbound and outbound moves to and from each state. For every 51 people moving into New Jersey in 2020, 100 were moving out. In 2021, the ratio was 46 inbound moves to every 100 outbound moves, the company reported.

In this most recent report from moveBuddha, New York recorded the next biggest share of residents planning (20%) or considering (8%) an interstate move this year, followed by California.

Florida and Texas recorded the lowest shares of residents planning to leave their state in 2022. Nationwide, 19% of respondents said they're planning or considering an out-of-state move this year.

According to a report from United Van Lines, New Jersey posted the highest share of outbound moves in 2021.

New Jersey gained about 500,000 residents between 2010 and 2020, according to the most recent Census data.

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