"Fork-t River". One of the unmistakable signs that someone isn't a local to the Jersey shore.

I've traveled a lot for work. My career has taken me to Connecticut, Massachusetts, Central Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC. All have their little quirks that make interlopers stick out like sore thumbs.

Central Pennsylvania is probably the place I've been with the most quirks. When you're in Amish country and you say "Lan-CAST-er" instead of "Lang-KIST-er", you're automatically pegged as a tourist. There was a road right around the corner from where I lived that was "Progress Ave". "PRAH-gress", right? Nope! You're a tourist! Now if you were to have said "PRO-gress", you could blend in. Seriously, broadcasters in the area should be given handbooks and classes to learn all the idiosyncrasies out there.

Around here we have the a fore mentioned "Forked River" (we, obviously know it's "Fork-ID River"). And of course "Toms River" is named after the body of water, The Toms River. Not the possessive "Tom's River", a river that would belong to a guy named Tom. And if your destination is Barnegat Light but you figure Barnegat is the same thing, you've juuuuust slightly missed your proper goal.

So what are the little tell tale signs that stick out to you that immediately make it obvious that someone isn't a local?