Before you reach for that peach in your fruit bowl, read this!

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My wonderful coworker Varacchi from our sister station 105.7 the Hawk found out that tainted peaches were sold at Aldi, Target, Walmart, and Wegmans. The FDA sent out a notice saying Prima Wawona is recalling peaches that were sold from June 1 through August 19th due to the possibility of Salmonella.

If you don't know if your peaches were from Prima Wawona, fear not - the FDA has a specific list of affected items with their product codes on their website. But, I think it's better to be safe, and if you know you bought peaches from Aldi, Target, Walmart, or Wegmans from June 1st - August 19th, toss them!

Varacchi mentioned that some baked goods from Wegmans were recalled as well, including pies, tarts, trifles, and shortcakes.

If you have any questions about recalled items, the FDA says you can call Prima Wawona at 1-877-722-7554.

Diana Tyler
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