As I’m still smiling about my recent vacation aboard Celebrity Reflection, I wanted to write some more about cruising. I know these big ships seem like a big mystery for some people so here's the second part of my list of reasons to consider cruising:

Something For Everyone:  My best memories over the years have involved the cruises I took with 3 generations of family members: My sister and I joined by her kids and our parents.  It was a joy to be able to do different things during the day then come together at dinner to share stories and laughs.  Plus the family team trivia games were really fun!  Most ships offer activities for every age group.  Kids will have a blast and keep busy with games and crafts and activities.  Teens have cool activities and video game access just for them.  Moms and Dads can enjoy couples time or do things that cater to their individual interests.  Seniors will find interesting lectures and classes as well as bingo, dancing, etc. The cruise director and activities director do a great job of keeping a full schedule of things to do.  Remember though, it’s all optional.  If you want to just relax the whole time, you can!

Views:  Cruises usually go to beautiful destinations so you’re sure to find many great photo ops in port.  In addition, you can enjoy sunrises and sunsets over the water.  And you don’t have to drive to the beach or deal with any Jersey Shore traffic!  Simply look out the ships window or step out onto one of the balconies.

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Celebrity Cruises/Troy House

Service:  People who work on cruise ships are all about service.  They generally make you feel cared for and pampered.  Everyone’s attentive and wants you to enjoy your vacation.  Did you know you can order Room Service anytime?

Interesting People: Spending time on board a ship, you’re likely to hear a variety of accents.  Not only from the Southern U.S. but from other countries.  If you’re feeling sociable, it’s easy to strike up a conversation with someone to learn more about where they’re from.  Cruising is an interesting way to meet people from all around the world.

Chill Vibe:  Once the cruise gets underway, most people kick into relaxation mode so everyone’s generally very pleasant and relaxed.  There’s little to no cutting in line, no scuffles, no rudeness or road-rage.  It’s nice to be in such a positive feel-good environment.

What is it that YOU like about cruising?

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