Now before you "fungus" lovers start giving me a hard time, I just want to go on record saying that I love mushrooms and always have, but when it comes to Thanksgiving I just don't think "mushrooms".

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I have loved mushrooms since I was a kid. I remember going to Bonanza Steakhouse and getting a steak with their special mushroom was the best! But for turkey day, eh mushrooms are not high on my list...especially stuffed mushrooms.

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When I think of Thanksgiving "side dishes" the first things that pop into my mind are stuffing mashed potatoes and cranberry sauce...but that's just me. According to a new survey though, t5he first thing New Jersey residents think of is "stuffed mushrooms"? what ... did I miss the memo? I don't think I have ever had "stuffed mushrooms" on Thanksgiving. They are delicious, but not a turkey day fav for about you?

According to a new survey from the Garden State loves "stuffed mushrooms" as their favorite side dish. This is based on their survey using stats from "google trends".

As I look at our neighboring states I think I agree more with them. Pennsylvania loves stuffing, New York loves sweet potatoes and Connecticut loves mashed potatoes. Now, these side dishes I can go with, but not New Jersey's stuffed mushrooms.

So what do YOU think? is this your choice for Thanksgiving here in New Jersey...I want a recount! lol


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