Now before you say “Shawn we already know that Jersey Shore drivers have no patience” let’s take a look at my little investigation that I conducted to see how motorists here at the Shore responded.

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First thing I wanted to see is just how long it would take before drivers would be impatient. Just a simple test that kinda happened by mistake. I was at a stop light and I was checking directions on my gps, while fully stopped, but I let the light change for about 5 seconds and then I heard the roadway symphony lol not one but two or three horns blew to remind me it was time to go!

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I thought to myself that 5 seconds was quick but not surprising, but would drivers let me know in less than 5 seconds? Well first let me apologize if you were behind me during my experiment, but it’s all for research lol

Next time I tested the theory it was quick. It must have been 2 seconds and the symphony started once again! Yup in the time it took to blink your eyes, I was reminded by Jersey Shore drivers I was slowing them down and either “move it or loss it” lol


Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels


So as we have found out, YES Jersey Shore drivers are impatient! No surprise lol but I wasn’t done! I had another idea to add to the experiment. I wanted to see if drivers would have the same attitude if the vehicle was a bit more intimidating than my Buick lol

I took a spin with a friend in their truck, which is large and raised and usually covered in mud lol We got to a busy intersection and we were ready to test the truck. Interestingly enough it took almost 10 seconds before finally a single horn blew! So yes folks have a bit more patience when dealing with more intimidating vehicles lol so I guess “size does matter” lol


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