Public Service Electric & Gas is warning New Jersey residents that scammers have spoofed one of its actual phone numbers, in an effort to steal personal information.

Callers reported the latest scammers asked for personal information to conduct a meter reading or to add discounts on a PSE&G bill, or for information related to debit and credit cards on file, according to the utility company.

The utility said it's a variation on a known scam method, the most popular of which is a demand for immediate payment to avoid service termination. Before cutting off service, PSE&G alerts customers in a number of ways, including messages on their bill, letters and phone calls.

PSE&G would never demand a specific type of payment nor threaten immediate service termination.

The utility also only accepts credit card and prepaid card payments that are placed through Western Union Speedpay, which charges a $3.95 processing fee, according to a written release from PSE&G.

It's just the latest in spoofing attempts on New Jersey residents, as scammers this year have impersonated law enforcement, with what looked to be real phone numbers to try and steal personal data.

The Ocean County Sheriff's Office, Monmouth County Sheriff's Office, State Police and Long Branch police have received reports this year that their phone numbers came up on caller ids, from such scammers looking to target NJ residents.

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