We Americans are big on saying that in the face of terror we need to continue going about our business and living our lives. We’ve done it time and time again as our mechanism for dealing with fear and it looks like we’re going to be tested again.

The fear this time comes from a very different source as the coronavirus is no longer just an overseas problem but one that has invaded the U.S. and while some still call it just a mild threat try and explain that to the families of six Americans who had died from the disease.

Health experts say that there is no need to panic but many are cautious by nature which is why you’ve probably seen videos in some places of those who are preparing for things to get much worse.  Long lines at places like Costco as people stock up on goods they may need if they are “locked down” in their homes for long periods of time.

Of course there are likely even more who will dismiss the spreading of the coronavirus as nothing more than a bad case of the flu and will ignore warnings that we at least take proper precautions.

However just about everyone agrees that this will get worse, maybe much worse before it gets better which is why you are seeing considerable thought and preparation as to how to deal with the unpredictability of this spreading disease.

Some companies have already restricted their workers from traveling even in the U.S. and it’s likely that in the coming weeks many will order their staff to work from home.

The National Basketball Association is telling players to avoid high-fiving fans and strangers and avoid taking any item for autographs.  In a memo sent to teams the NBA offered a list of recommendations to players with the hopes of decreasing risks of getting the virus.  You can be sure there will be more of this all across the country.

87 years ago during his first inaugural address part of what President Franklin D. Roosevelt said in response to the times was “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”  Only time will tell if that applies to what’s happening right now.

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