Governor Phil Murphy definitely took a great marketing class in college.

Politics aside, if there is one thing that I really love about Phil Murphy and his administration is the humor that comes along with everyday announcements. Earlier this year, I started following the official New Jersey social media accounts to get news about Coronavirus and the latest infections — what I got instead was much needed humor about things going on in the State of New Jersey.

While most of it is dry humor, I can really appreciate the (probably underpaid) social media manager that puts all of this together.

Recently, the Murphy Administration announced that the Garden State would be partnering with Twitter to create a series of campaigns throughout the state that would advocate for social distancing and mask use.

Now that makes it even funnier, and more interesting than most billboard campaigns is that this marketing campaign is primarily using tweets from random Twitter accounts that advocate for social distancing and mask use as their primary way of getting their message across.

For instance, this is one of many posters found on the Asbury Park boardwalk:

Wear A Mask Campaign in Asbury Park (Betsy Lowther)

The campaign, according to, is currently only active in Jersey City and Asbury Park. This comes days after Governor Murphy called out both Ocean County and Monmouth County because positive Coronavirus cases are continuing to grow.

While lighthearted, the campaign is aiming to have a significant impact on the residents that live in these communities or visit them regularly. The goal is to continue to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 as the temperatures begin to get cooler and other parts of the world start bracing for another surge.

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