LAKEWOOD – Ocean County residents are being warned by officials of another confirmed case of the measles in Lakewood.

The New Jersey Department of Health issued the warning on Friday stating that anyone who visited the Center for Health Education and Dentistry on 1771 Madison Avenue in Lakewood between 1:45 pm and 6:00 pm could have been exposed to the measles.

CMED Health Center (Google Maps)
CMED Health Center (Google Maps)

Back in March, just two months after the first measles outbreak in Lakewood was declared over, health officials declared another outbreak because of three confirmed cases. Until now, officials have not issued any warnings about possible measles exposures in Ocean County.

Health officials urge anyone who suspects exposure to the measles to speak with their healthcare provider as soon as possible.

Anyone who did not receive a vaccination or has not had the measles is at risk if they are exposed. "Two doses of measles vaccine are about 97 percent effective in preventing measles," Dr. Christina Tan, state epidemiologist said.

Symptoms of the measles include rash, high fever, cough, runny nose, and red, watery eyes. Symptoms can lead to pneumonia and encephalitis (swelling of the brain).

"Getting vaccinated not only protects you, it protects others around you who are too young to get the vaccine or can't receive it for medical reasons," Dr. Tan added.

As of July 3rd, the Center for Disease Control reported 1,109 cases of the measles in the United States. The measles was eradicated in 2000.

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