I have to start this with a disclaimer - I am not a professional photographer and I did not have a professional setup. I had officially rated lenses and a camera and did the best that I could.

This is a perfect case of a photo not doing justice to what one could see with their own eyes, but I'm glad I have at least something of a record of 2017's American solar eclipse.

It actually got cloudy at our offices in Toms River just as the Moon's shadow began to traverse across the face of the Sun.

I have to give all the credit in the world to my colleague Andy Chase, who saw clear skies to the east, and suggested that we hop in the car and hit the boardwalk in the hopes of catching this rare event.

And he made the absolute right call.

The skies in Seaside Park were not only crystal clear, but it was beautifully warm and breezy at the beach.

We hung out for a good half hour with our eclipse glasses, chatted with some other visitors, shared glasses, and bonded over one of the few things left that we all have in common - a shared wonder at the universe.

Again, while the photos I was able to get will come nowhere close to comparing to professional photos of the eclipse, I'm glad that I got an opportunity to not only see it with my own eyes, but was able to grab a few blurry snapshots too!

Photo by Justin Louis
Photo by Justin Louis

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