A pair of Walmart shoppers who allegedly swiped a cell phone from an unwitting victim in Howell Township are sought by police, who hope that you can help identify them.

Walmart phone theft (Howell Township PD)

According to investigators, the incident occurred in the self-checkout section. A customer set his Samsung Galaxy S7 aside to complete his purchase, and inadvertently left it at the counter. Minutes later, he returned, and it was gone.

Surveillance images displayed a white female, with two young children, palming the phone and handing it to a black male, who slipped it into a pocket while chekcing out.

Police said that the video shows the victim searching for his phone around the register area while the couple stands by, continuing checkout, and then leaving.

The woman is described as appearing to be in her early 30s, and the man appears slightly older, police said.

Information can be mailed to Detective Corporal Nancy Carroll or phoned to her directly, 732-938-4575, extension 2884.