When I look at my calendar for Saturday, March 28th, 2020, it still has the appointment listed for my dog Scooter to get groomed at Rub-A-Dub Dog Wash in Toms River, where I bring him about every 10 weeks or so.

We know what happened next when the COVID-19 coronavirus hit - businesses across the state were told to close, including pet groomers. That was almost 5 weeks ago. He's a furry dog, but he's not usually this furry:

Photo by Justin Louis
Photo by Justin Louis

So, I was pretty happy to get a call from Rub-A-Dub last weekend letting me know that they'll be opening this week. Of course, I immediately made an appointment for him

This past Monday (April 20th), Governor Murphy added, "Pet stores, pet groomers, pet daycare, and pet boarders" to the list of essential New Jersey businesses that are being allowed to operate during the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

I'm glad that my dog will be able to get a much needed haircut, but I'm hoping that people-groomers are added to the list soon, because I'm starting to look like Scooter up there.

The quarantine haircut may be coming to my head sooner rather than later.

You can click here for the official list from the state of New Jersey of businesses that can operate during the coronavirus restrictions.


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