Peeps - love em or hate em, the little marshmallow snacks sure get you talking!

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If you hadn't noticed Peeps on the shelves at your local grocery store lately, you're not going crazy. The company that makes them took some time off because of the pandemic, but now, CNN Business shared that Peeps will be back just in time for Easter! Take a look at the explanation for the absence from the article below:

Just Born decided in April to stop production to protect employees' health as the pandemic took root in the US, the company previously told CNN Business. Consumers missed out on a variety of holiday-themed Peeps as a result, including for Halloween, Christmas and this year's Valentine's Day.

CNN also mentioned that Peeps will be introducing new flavors like Hot Tamales and Fruit Loops - WHOA. I feel like I could get on board with Fruit Loops, but I may have to have someone else try the Hot Tamales one and let me know how that is.

Peeps are known for being very divisive. You either love em or hate em. Even our very own Shawn and Sue are divided - Sue loves them and Shawn isn't a fan. I enjoy Peeps. I think they're a fun treat to open up in an Easter basket, and I'm glad they'll be back at stores in time for Easter this year.

How do you feel about Peeps? Will you be rushing to buy them?

H/T: Jordan Valinsky, CNN Business

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