As the countdown to both Christmas and Hanukkah continue to shrink, holiday shopping is getting more frantic. But, when you're doing your gift shopping in the Garden State, there's one state law that you'll want to make sure to pay attention to.

The state of New Jersey requires all retailers to have clearly posted return and exchange policies.

The policies must be either on signs attached to each register, on a sign that's clearly visible from the check-out area, on a sign at each customer entrance, or on the actual merchandise itself.

Ocean County Freeholder Joseph Vicari also suggests a very good reason to shop locally, saying that if you have a dispute with a store, "[the] Ocean County Department of Consumer Affairs can help. Our office may have more jurisdiction when dealing with a nearby business than it would with a mail-order company or website located out of state.”

Time is indeed ticking down to the big day, but keeping an eye on store return policies can definitely be worth your time in the long run!


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