Are you a fan of the Beatles, this is so cool.

An owner of a sub shop in South Jersey named this sub shop, Yellow Submarine in the pure love of the Beatles.

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There are so many songs and Beatles fans out there, especially here in New Jersey, I never knew about this sub shop in Maple Shade. Not only did the Food Network visit this submarine shop, but it was also named one of the best cheesesteaks. Even as good as Philly? Yes, from what I'm hearing.

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I asked listeners if they've ever been to the Yellow Submarine and so many of you said, "Yes." Wow, I thought, this place must be good.

This restaurant also made it to the website If you've never checked out this website, it's very neat to see what's in this great state of New Jersey and other states across the country. From

This classic, surreal song spawned an animated music video and even a spin-off movie – and surprisingly, it also inspired a cheesesteak shop in New Jersey! Yellow Submarine, the only Beatles-themed restaurant in New Jersey, has gained a cult following in the small town of Maple Shade for its massive sandwiches and its delicious desserts.

If you love great cheesesteaks, the Beatles, and just a very quaint-looking sandwich shop, you have to try this place out. Yellow Submarine is located at 710 North Forklanding Road in Maple Shade, NJ.

Some items you will find on their menu: cheesesteaks, hoagies, fries, pizza, and more.

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