If your online feed is anything like mine, you're seeing lots of photos of prom dresses and comments about plans for prom night and afterwards.  The event is an exciting rite of passage for many teens.

It seems times have changed, though, and going to prom is not on every student's wish list.  Kids in my own family have skipped theirs.  Other teens I know go to prom with a group of friends without any dating-related stress or awkwardness.

My prom photos are still in my album.  I'll always look back on the night fondly...well, except for that beverage that spilled on my gown when the limo went over a bump in the road.  Overall, it was a good evening of fun, dancing, and excitement knowing that I was about to graduate high school.

Do you remember where your senior prom was held?  What did your gown look like?  Did you and your friends go to the beach or Great Adventure the next day?   Please share your Ocean County prom memories in the Comments section below.