I sure say the same ones to my daughter my Mom always said to me!



This Sunday we celebrate our Moms!  The woman who loves us the most, the one that's your biggest fan and the one that's shown more love to you than anyone else...Well at least this is my Mom!  I love you Mom!

But it's those Mom-isms that haunt us as we get older.  Maybe haunt is the wrong word, but it's the words that I swore I would never say that I heard her say and use on a daily basis with my daughter.

Here are some great ones, did you ever use these:

(How about the money one)  Money doesn't grow on trees!

When you get to my age, you'll understand!

Because I said so...(I love this one)

Yes, I am the boss.(She knows it.)

If I talked to my Mother the way you talked to me.(oh my word, I say this all the time to her)

I told you three times not to climb that tree and if you fall out don't coming running to me... (of course I would be there, but I say this on a daily basis because all she does is climb and climb and climb)

If I told you once, I've told you a thousand times!

These are so much fun!

What's your favorite Mom-ism?  Do you remember a great one from your Mom that use today with your kids!

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