Do you have hundreds of photos on your computer?  If someone asked to see a picture of your grandchild, vacation, or dog, how long would it take you to find one?  A common problem these days is that we have so many photos and no clear way of organizing or displaying them.

If you'd like to get help, consider attending a free program Saturday at the Ocean County Library's Long Beach Island Branch in Surf City.  From 10am-Noon, amateur photographer and computer expert Marc Lipman will talk about ways to organize, edit, display, and print pictures.  He'll discuss the importance of backups and folders.  Lipman is a big believer in deleting blurry and duplicate photos.  And he encourages the use of simple editing tools to improve picture quality.

Lipman will then explain, once your photos are organized and looking good, how you can display and print them.  As someone who loves to travel, he's got some great tips on keeping track of the locations of your vacation pics.

You can register for the Library's workshop here:



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