It is almost the unofficial start of summer here at the Jersey Shore, of course beginning on Memorial Day Weekend May 28th-30th. It's a time we head out and hit the roads for summer day trips and vacations, etc. It's a time of year we "drive" but that requires "gasoline" unless you already have an electric vehicle, but most of us don't yet. So as the price goes up, we drive less, which is not good for our summer outings.


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Not only do gas prices affect our summer fun plans, but it's also causing headaches for people who have further commutes for work. We are all budgeting our "work" gas and trying to figure out the best ways to conserve fuel for our drive to work.

For me, what I find works best is to fill my tank every Sunday and then use that full tank for all my "work" commuting. So far one full tank will get me through an entire work week. Currently, I'm spending approximately $200 a month on fuel for work. I do get better mileage using a full tank beginning on Monday, then putting small amounts of gas in two or three times a week. See what works for you and hopefully, you can cut costs too.



Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels



As you can see we are approaching $5.00 a gallon for regular and for those of you using diesel you are already over $6.00 a gallon.

On weekends we have been trying to do several things at a time, so we can get all our driving in, in one outing. So if we have several stops to make, we think ahead and do all of them together and then we are done driving. It helps especially if we have a few errands that are a bit of a drive and close together.

Share your fuel conservation tips and let's help each other save on gas. Check Gas Buddy for the cheapest gas prices each week.


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