Viking Cheerleaders in Daytona Beach, Flordia 2018

A huge congratulations is in order to the coaches and students apart of the Viking Cheerleaders at Ocean County College as they clinched the first place trophy in this year's NCA All-Girl Division III National Championship in Daytona Beach, Florida.

Varsity TV is reporting that the Vikings were one of seven other universities and by looking at their score you can tell that they blew the competition out of the water. The girl's total (or raw) score was a 92.37 with no deductions.

They topped colleges from Iowa, Massachusetts, Maryland, Michigan, and Arkansas to become the National Champions.

According to the college's website, the purpose of the cheerleaders is to raise campus spirit and support the community among other things. Well, I guess we can say that they did just that.

They not only represented a college but a small county in New Jersey and further helped put us on the map as one of the most unique and athletic places in America.

Congratulations, Vikings!

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