As a parent, this is the scariest thing. I've tried to be so honest with my daughter about drugs and alcohol, it's difficult, it's something we have to do, and maybe this will help thanks to the Ocean County Library.

Today, (Tuesday) July 14th, 2020, the Ocean County Library will host a 30 minute interactive webinar "The Child Break". Our kids are under stress with so many things, along with Covid-19, and everything else. Kids are trying to cope with the "unusual" stress that is happening now. This FREE webinar will help your child direct away from poor decisions and empower them positive choices and coping skills.

We as parents and grandparents are still the strongest influence in our kid's life. I know personally, when my Mom speaks to Abby, she listens. I'm so thankful Abby has her influence in her life.

"The Child Break" encourages parents, grandparents, teachers, coaches, and any adult caregiver the advice for effective communication with children and teenagers about drugs and alcohol.

This program is 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm (today) Tuesday July 14th, 2020. CLICK HERE to register.

From the Ocean County Library's webpage:

*Vaping Trends
*Tips for effectively talking to your kids about drugs and alcohol
*Influence of Media and Pop Culture
*Helping your kids Manage STRESS
Utilizing Teachable Moments
*Upon registration, a wealth of great information and a Parent Resource Guide is shared

This is virtual so it's from the comfort of your own home, grab the kids and get informed. "The Child Break" is another great program sponsored by the Ocean County Library.

Sue Moll
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