Almost two months into the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, I think that we're all hyper-aware of the things that we touch in public these days. From door handles to ATMs, it feels like just about everything could be out to get us lately.

Now, Seaside Park is helping to reduce the need to touch stuff with their new parking app.

Previously, you'd have to pay to park at one of the kiosks that are dotted throughout the municipal parking lot, but the pay-by-cell app will now let you get your parking session going without touching anything but your mobile device.

Another upside of the app is the fact that you won't have to run back to a kiosk if you're getting a little too close to your time running out, you can top it up right from the app.

You can click here to keep up to date with the latest going on in Seaside Park on their official Facebook page.


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