As of this writing, we're still only a few weeks into fall 2020 with 67 days until winter begins.

So, what can we expect for the winter 2020-2021 season?

Well, it depends on whose prediction you want to believe.

Nearly two months ago, the Farmers' Almanac came out with their forecast for the upcoming winter, saying that here in the Northeast we should be prepared for a stormy and cold slog through the coming months.

On the total opposite side of that, the government's official weather forecasters over at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (better known as NOAA), are calling for a less unpleasant stretch of winter weather for us here in New Jersey.

For temperatures, NOAA is saying that they expect the northwestern portion of the country, from western Minnesota straight across to Washington to be colder than normal, with the middle of the country sitting right around average.

More than half the country, though, from California right over to Maine to the north and Florida to the south, is expected to see above average temperatures:

Map via

But, how wet will it be?

The NOAA forecast is calling for the upper third of the country to get wet and for potential drought conditions to take over the lower third of the country.

As for us here in New Jersey, though, we're falling right in the middle with "equal chances" of us being drier than normal and wetter than normal:

Map via

So, which winter 2020-2021 forecast do you prefer, The Farmers' Almanac's "cold and stormy" outlook or NOAA's "mild and normal precipitation" forecast?

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