A group that was formed to fight back against COVID-19 mandates handed down by Gov. Phil Murphy is asking the rest of New Jersey to participate in a so-called "walk out" on Monday to present a united front for the same cause.

Oct. 18, by no coincidence, is also the date on which teachers in New Jersey must be vaccinated against the virus or start submitting to regular testing for COVID-19.

"This is about people stopping and remembering, for a second, our freedom and what's important," said Nicholas Riess, with New Jersey Liberty. "This is about standing up and saying, 'No, we are not going to continue with the fear campaign.'"

The group is neither for nor against face coverings or vaccination, the Warren County resident said — it's against mandates such as requiring masks in schools and requiring vaccination of people in certain jobs.

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New Jersey Walk Out (Flyer in middle created by New Jersey Liberty)
New Jersey Walk Out (Flyer in middle created by New Jersey Liberty)

New Jersey Liberty is asking anyone — from school staff to truck drivers — to "walk out together" for 10 minutes, starting at 10:18 a.m. on Monday.

A flyer from the group refers to "nonsensical COVID-19 mandates" from Murphy's executive orders. The flyer notes that businesses can schedule a fire drill or similar outdoor event at the scheduled time "so that no person is in violation and can still peacefully protest the mandates."

The flyer also specifically states that "masking 2-year-old children is abuse" — Murphy in September updated requirements to say that kids in childcare centers must wear masks as well.

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