MORRISTOWN — A school where administrators say less than a quarter of students do not celebrate Halloween has decided to cancel the traditional fall celebration for activities they say will be more inclusive.

According to a letter from Thomas Jefferson School Principal Cristina Frazzano, which was acquired by the Morristown Patch, the school will instead hold "The Classroom Escape." Rather than a parade, Frazzano said students will be "trapped in their classroom by villains" and have to solve puzzles in a set amount of time to get out. She said this will be more inclusive, and also "foster team building, critical thinking, and fun."

Patch reported that the idea for an alternative activity came from the fifth graders at the school, which serves students in grades 3 through 5. Of the 320 students in the school, the story said 60 students do not celebrate Halloween, though no reason was given for that.

Students who do celebrate Halloween will be able to wear their costumes to school that day, and Frazzano said those who do not celebrate the holiday can wear school colors to show their support for the day.

According to a CBS Boston report, a school in Walpole also decided to cancel its Halloween festivities in favor of "Black and Orange" spirit day. Several parents were quoted in the story as being against the change, saying that Halloween should be a fun day and not something subject to political correctness.

Two years ago, the Seth Boyden Elementary School in Maplewood decided to cancel its Halloween festivities. According to TAPintoSOMA, Halloween festivities were not held last year, and there is no indication of any recognition of the day on the school's website for this year.

Students who go to Jefferson will still be able to display their costumes this year as the town is scheduled hold its 75th annual Morristown Recreation Halloween Parade and Celebration on Saturday at 10 a.m. at Lidgerwood Park.

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