SUSSEX — It's a twist on the usual texting or talking while driving report: FaceTiming and driving.

Parent Michelle Urban posted an edited video she said was taken by her son on Thursday of the female driver of his school van having a conversation. The video shows her holding a cell phone in her hand as she drives, but does not show the face of the driver.

FaceTime is an app for iPhones, developed by Apple, that allows audio and video calls. New Jersey law prohibits the use of cell phones and other devices while held in one's hand while driving.

Urban wrote in a separate post she was proud of her son for taking the video and bringing it to her attention. Urban wrote that she is also a CDL van driver for children.

"I’m completely and utterly shocked that this 'woman' is brazen enough to do this full knowing that I myself am also a CDL van driver for children. Imagine if she was driving a child unable to speak or communicate," Urban wrote. "Many children I’ve driven over my nearly 15-year career have been like this, helpless against the actions of an adult trusted to safely transport them. I am thoroughly disgusted. Would you want your child driven by her??"

Urban said the driver worked for D.W. Clark & Son of Franklin. Urban did not say what company she drives for. The High Point district website did not provide information on the company it contracts with for transportation except to say "info to be posted."


Urban told the New Jersey Herald that a representative of the administration told her the driver was taken off the route, and that Urban will have to drive her son to school while a replacement is found.

Messages for D.W. Clark and High Point superintendent Dr. Scott Ripley have not yet been returned.

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