TRENTON — A judge went on a profanity-filled rant against two State Police trooper during a 2016 traffic stop, according to a complaint filed with a disciplinary committee for the state Supreme Court.

Two officers found Wilfredo Benitez pulled over to the side of Route 80 in Teaneck on Nov. 12 at 2:13 a.m They say he was asleep in the front seat, according to the complaint filed yesterday by officers Justin Kearns and Danny Kim.

The complaint says Benitez, a part-time judge in the municipal courts of East Orange and Belleville, attempted to use his power and prestige for his own private interest, tried to get special treatment and impugned the integrity of the court.

Kim smelled alcohol on Benitez's breath and noticed his eyes were bloodshot. Benitez denied having anything to drink or taking drugs.

During the sobriety tests, he said: "I mean, what are you trying to do? [...] I'm a judge."

Benitez got more agitated as the stop went on and he was arrested.

"I can't believe you're doing this. I'm not a f**king drug addict. I'm not a drunk! I can't believe you're doing this," he told the officers.

As Kearns double-locked the handcuffs, Benitez said, "I'm a f**king judge, I would never do anything to hurt you, man. Come on!"

When the officer said he was trying keep the cuffs from hurting him, Benitez asked, "You're not going to give me any courtesy? None?" To which Kearns said, "What courtesy?"

Kearns then said he was going to read Benitez his Miranda rights . "I'm sure you know it."

Benitez said, "You're wasting your time and you know it. I'll fight you. You know you're being a dick. I will f**king fight you."

The judge took two Alcotest blood alcohol tests and was given a summons for driving under the influence of alcohol. Benitez was found not guilty in May.

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