We do have a lot of celebrity sightings here at the Jersey Shore. There are many stars in our midst, and many who spend time at the Jersey Shore.

But when we asked you who you've met 4 names rose above the rest. There were many stars mentioned, so let's give you a quick list of who got votes, but didn't make it into the top 4.

Let's run down the list of celebs some of you have told us met. Remember the stars don't have to be from the Garden State. There's Jon Stewart, Queen Latifah, Martha Stewart, Shemar Moore, Bret Michaels, Little Steven, JWoww, Snooki (and frankly the whole Jersey Shore cast.

We also heard the names Will Ferrell, Mickey Rourke, Rod Stewart, David Copperfield, Mike Rowe and Jimmy Fallon. But clearly, there are the names you'd expect on the top of the list that haven't been mentioned yet.

Two, and maybe even three of them are pretty obvious, but that 4th might surprise you. So let's roll out the top 4 most met celebrities by Jersey Shore residents from #4 to #1...

The Celebs Jersey Shore Residents Have Met The Most

And there you have it. I guess we can call them the most accessible celebs at the Jersey Shore. Thanks for your votes!

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