National Nude Recreation Week kicks off this week starting the day after the Fourth of July. It’s a week where some celebrate recreation and life sans clothing adhering to the true meaning of movement without clothing restrictions.

Now let me make it perfectly clear that I am not a nudist, never have been and never will and that’s more out of deep concern for anyone who may witness that. It’s not pretty.

I am all for those who want to literally feel the wind beneath their wings and other regions and hold no judgment against those that enjoy the nudist lifestyle.

Here in New Jersey there is a very active community where nudists gather and participate in the nudist recreational lifestyle. Located at Gunnison Beach inside the Gateway National Park at Sandy Hook in Highlands, New Jersey there is a secluded beach area dedicated to those practicing the nudist lifestyle. Go by that secluded beach and area and there are plenty of signs that make you aware that the area is designated to that community.

There are a couple of organizations that celebrate the au natural. The American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR) is one that encourages naturists to get involved and celebrate through activities and they promote the benefits of enjoying life’s pursuits sans clothes.


The AANR says that there are many benefits of things you can do during Nude Recreation Week.

1. Get that overall complete tan. Nobody wants tan lines.

2. Get rid of the soggy swimsuit which can hold sand and dampness and cause chaffing.

3. Take a nature hike with just your boots and a smile. Be careful of the poison ivy! Become one with nature in the au natural.

4. Play beach volleyball. The AANR calls it the quintessential nudist pastime.

5. Take a swing at nudist golf!

6. Play pickleball, a gentler form of tennis and a fan favorite in the nudist community.

7. Stretch and breathe, naked yoga enthusiasts say that it is much more fulfilling then yoga with clothes.

8. Nude gardening is the ultimate in getting one with nature. Naturists say that many enjoy this activity.

9. Sailing while enjoying the nudist lifestyle is very liberating says those who enjoy this nudist activity.
These are just some of the activities that are celebrated during this week, Nude Recreation Week. Enjoy the freedom and feel the breeze.

Have fun!

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 weekend host Big Joe Henry. Any opinions expressed are Big Joe’s own.

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