There has never been a time where a Target run isn't necessary and you can't have enough Targets in one area.

OK, be honest, how many times will you just go to a Target to aimlessly walk around?  It's just one of those things, right?  Then, the one thing that turned into a meme, turned out to actually be true.  You go to Target for one item and for some reason you end up with a basket, or even worse, a shopping cart full of items.

Now, you're going to have plenty of time to explore new Targets in two new Jersey Shore locations.  One other location coming to northern New Jersey.

At a time when a lot of brick-and-mortar stores are going away and giving way to online shopping.  One thing is for sure, Target is not slowing down its expansion throughout the country.

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According to Target's website that states, right at the top of the page, "location, location, location" there are roughly 50 new locations marked across the country for more Target stores.

New Jersey is getting three new target locations.

Two will be in the "Jersey Shore" location.

The one location will be closer to the turnpike in northern New Jersey.

Kearny Target

Located at 200 Passaic Drive, Kearny, NJ

Google Maps
Google Maps

Wall Target

1825 Rt 35, Wall, NJ

Google Maps
Google Maps

Eatontown Plaza Target

Located at 35 and 36.  As you can see, the construction has already begun.

Google Maps
Google Maps


Who's ready for a New Jersey Target run?  It would be irresponsible to not visit every location.

Outside of more Target stores.  We could definitely use a few of these.


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