My Saturday was fantastic, it was the perfect start to the month of May. I was drinking margaritas and eating tasty Mexican food on the legendary Jenkinson's Boardwalk. The weather was great, the boardwalk was beautiful, and I felt a pep in everyone's step. You can tell the Jersey Shore is ready to have a tremendous summer. If this means anything, I literally watched my Mom drink a large strawberry margarita in ten minutes. It was truly impressive for someone who rarely drinks and weighs 95 lbs. Less than one month till Memorial Day Weekend and my mom is drinking afternoon margaritas... this is gearing up to be the greatest summer of all time!

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With that, I am thrilled to be writing about Cantina, a brand new Mexican restaurant on Jenkinson's Boardwalk. As we know, the boardwalk has pizza, ice cream, and many other classic boardwalk foods, but now we can celebrate a fun beach day with tacos and margaritas! It's a unique but awesome idea. After having a tremendous Cantina meal, I think this place will be a beachgoer favorite. The margaritas were refreshing and the food was perfect. Just think about it, on a hot summer day, you want to find some shade, what's better than drinking a frozen margarita?!

Before checking out the inside, the Cantina is located downstairs of the Boardwalk Bar and Grill. Also, if you are looking at Joey Tomato's it's a few steps to the left. The Cantina is definitely a place worth checking out, it could be perfect for your Cinco de Mayo celebration! For more details, go to the Jenkinson's Boardwalk website. In addition, stay tuned for details about a brand new innovative ice cream shop that is also on Jenkinson's Boardwalk! You can check out the Cantina below:

Cantina - Downstairs at Boardwalk Bar & Grill

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