Now, don't get me wrong, what New Jersey googled for Valentine's Day is adorable.

Each states #1 googled thing for Valentine's Day - Check out the gallery at the bottom of this article.

Valentine's Day is this weekend, just a couple of days away. I know couples that love it and do a lot for Valentine's Day and some not so much. Last minute ideas are googled and searched on the internet. Romantic getaways are searched along with massage for couples, and tandem bikes.

According to, New Jersey's #1 googled Valentine's Day Gift is a tandem bike.👇👇
Sue Moll
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Let's check out the other states and what they want to make their heart day special. Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri all googled chocolate for Valentine's Day. Kentucky loves goggling puppies and Kansas loves flowers. Alaska is searching for weighted blankets and Arkansas is searching for couple tattoos.

I think it's pretty cool New Jersey along with Iowa are the only states googling tandem bikes. Tandem bikes are very cute and they could be romantic, as long as you know how to ride them. They're so hard to steer, well depending who's in the front. They're the bikes with two seats, one in front of another. Usually, depending on which brand the price of a tandem bike will run you about $300 and over.

Valentine's Day is this Sunday February 14th, 2021. A flower and a red heart with chocolates is a good way of getting to my heart. Hey hubby if you're reading this a tandem bike would be cute. A nice yellow one.

Each States #1 Googled Thing for Valentine's Day


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