This is not going to end well. Some brave, brave souls have attempted to do what most of us are afraid to do. They have dived into the deep end of the pool known as Italian food in New Jersey.and had the courage, or audacity depending on how you look at it, to name one single restaurant as the best. Uh-oh.


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If you think the simple fact that one restaurant was chosen is controversial, wait until you here the next part.  The place that was chosen isn't anywhere near Monmouth & Ocean Counties.

So let's recap what we know so far. The best Italian restaurant in New Jersey has been announced, and it's no where near us. It's time too start getting angry. Nothing against the restaurant that was chosen, Cafe 2825 in Atlantic City, it looks amazing, but can we get some love for some of the meatballs and pasta closer to home?

We are going to do our own little survey, and name our own top Italian restaurant at the Jersey Shore. There is a lot of passion behind Jersey Shore restaurants, so please let us know your favorite in the comment section, so we could give the love to local restaurants that they deserve and need.

In the meantime, I did check out Cafe 2825's website, and the menu looks, well, amazing. Spicy Stuffed Calamari, Grandma Pasta, Tripe Ala Romana, and the list goes on and on. I am falling in love with this place just by looking at the menu.

Now, back to the Jersey Shore. I'm going to cast my vote for Graziano's in Point Pleasant. Now, we want your vote.Please let us know what you think, we'll count the votes and the Jersey Shore will have it's own Best Italian Restaurant!

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