A National publication just put out the most playful Airbnb from each state in the US and this one from the Jersey Shore looks amazing.

Renting an Airbnb has become so "chic" lately, compared to staying in a hotel or motel here at the Shore.

Airbnb's are a personal space. A vacation away from home where there is enough room for the whole family with space to move around, that's why they're so popular. The prices are usually pretty good and there's more room than in a hotel room.

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Sometimes there are even back yards int he houses that can be rent and swimming pools. It's just a homey way of doing a vacation, that's how I look at it whenever we rented Airbnb, and for the most part we've always been very satisfied with our choices.

Where is the most playful Airbnb in New Jersey and one of the most playful in the US?

Seaside Heights, NJ - It's called the Boathouse, thanks to onlyinyourstate.com.

I've never seen this house in Seaside, but man it looks awesome. If you always wanted to spend time at the Jersey Shore this house is for you. It has 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It's a perfect space to accommodate up to 11 guests. From the game rooms, the location, to the beach badges, this rental from Airbnb has everything.


From Airbnb: "This home is in a prime location, as it is on the last street of Seaside Heights and only a couple blocks to the boardwalk and beach. The property is also very convenient to stores and restaurants which allows you ease for parking y our car and walking. We also provide plenty of activities for rainy days! The property includes WiFi, streaming TV for you to long into your own steaming apps, outdoor grill, outdoor seating tables, and chairs, as well as a gem room equipped with a pool table, books, games and a lounge area. The property also includes complimentary beach badges (6), and air conditioning for those hot summer days."

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