The Neptune Township Office of Emergency Management (OEM) along with county, state and federal agencies continue their cleanup of a nearly 250 gallons of oil that spilled at Midway Ice and Fuel where a tanker truck was making a delivery on Route 35 around 9 am Monday.

Oil spill on Rouet 35 in Neptune Township. (Neptune OEM)

Officials say some of the oil leaked into storm drains and reached the Shark River Inlet, in a release from the Neptune OEM.

The truck from Lighthouse Fuel Transport, LLC was making a delivery when the home heating oil began spilling from the vehicle and into the parking lot.

Most of the oil was contained and emergency personnel was there quickly to aid in containing the spill.

Emergency crews remain on site as they wait for a clean-up contractor.

The Monmouth County Health Department Hazardous Materials Response Team was one of the agencies on site to aid in the containment of the spilling incident which is now under the control of the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the U.S. Coast Guard.

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