Weeds. I hate them.

I have rocks throughout my yard, front and back, and the weeds annoy me so much every summer. I never know what to do. I don't like using the stuff they sell in stores because I never know if it's safe for dogs or let alone humans. It's so hard to keep them maintained. I remember when I was little always pulling weeds with my Nana, but I never remember the weeds we have in our yard. It's like when one pops up, there's 3 more that pop up with it. It used to be fun when I was younger, but now it's not fun.
The weeds just keep getting worse and worse. So, one of my Mom's friends gave me this awesome recipe for weed killer and it's cheaper than buying the expensive weed killers that might not be the best for dogs and could be poisonous.
[The photo gallery will show you everything you'll need.]
Grab a gallon jug, a hard plastic if you have one (like an iced tea jug a thicker plastic than thinner). Pour into a spray bottle. My Mom's friend likes to spray her weeds in the early morning. I spray pretty much anytime and the weeds are dead. You will see them turning brown after a while. Give it several hours and you'll be amazed. Salt is a part of the treatment, so every time you spray the weed killer, rinse the sprayer with water, cold or warm because salt tends to clog in the sprayer. If you make a gallon, it should be good all summer long. Careful though, make sure just to spray on weeds and not flower beds, I wouldn't want your beautiful flowers to die. I can't promise what it might do flowers and plants!
Here is what you should do:

Here's the recipe to kill your WEEDS

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Sue Moll
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